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I don't count.
Teen Wolf Animated Mood Theme 
27 Oct
teen wolf -> derek - lost and broken
After 2 weeks of hard work it's finally done! I would like to thank my amazing friends thestarbeast, swing_set13, lostyoursoul, hypertwink, arabella_w, fotoshop_cutout, chocolate_jive, seydoux, laraneia, checkmatey and dani_blondy for all the help, love and support. This mood theme is dedicated specially to you!



4Shared: .zip (7,4MB) // .rar (7,4MB)

If you, for example, have a special love for Derek and think that a scene with him would be great for one of the moods, all you have to do is leave me a comment with the episode, character, scene and the mood you want. I will make the alternative mood for you because I'm nice like that XD

1. Download the .zip or .rar file and unzip it using winzip or a similar program.

2. Then upload all the 132 mood images to your server (you can use an image hosting site like Photobucket)
Important: Do not change the file names.

3. Go to the Admin Console.
Important: You need to have a paid or plus account. If you have a basic account you can, temporarily switch to a plus account while installing the mood theme and switch back to basic when you're done.

4. Now, in the text box, copy and past this line into the box: moodtheme_create "Teen Wolf" "by thefrozenheart" and click execute. The console will give you an ID (the number in green). Copy down this number!

5. Now, back to the mood theme folder, open the ".admin-console.txt" file.
Go to Edit -> Replace (CTRL + H)
Find what: 123456
Replace with: the number the console gave you previously
Replace all.

Go to Edit -> Replace again.
Find what: http://your-image-url-here/
Replace with: the place you uploaded your pictures
exemple: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i402/tfhtumblr/teenwolfmoodtheme/
Don't include the ending file name ('mood.gif'). Leave it at the folder the images are uploaded to.
Replace all.

6. Copy the entire notepad code in the admin console box and click execute.

7. Go to Display and use your new theme.

8. Any doubts drop a comment ;)

Have fun and please DO NOT HOTLINK!!! Thanks a lot!
(Oh, and credit would be nice too, you know?! ;D)
27 Oct (UTC)
It's totally awesome! You did a wonderful job and I'm totally changing my mood theme.

Thank you for your kind words in your A/N, though I feel bad because I couldn't help you more (RL got so crazy)
28 Oct (UTC)
Awwn thank you so much! I'm so glad that you liked and will use it. I was kind afraid that the final result wouldn't please *blush*

Oh, please don't! You helped me A LOT. (I hope RL is less crazy now ^_^)

27 Oct (UTC)

I can't believe you're finished! YOU'RE WAY AWESOME!!!


(I'm at a better place now, so I'll be on LJ more again. FF planning can continue :D)


I'm so downloading this as soon as I get to a better internet-space. My internet is SO SLOW -.-


(no, I'm not mad. I just...have feelings. lots of feelings. ♥)

This is so cool. SO COOL.

SO COOL!!!!!!!
28 Oct (UTC)
Awwwn You left a big smile on my face with this lovely comment .
I'm so happy that I met you, you're the sweetest person ever!!! Thank you so much honey. I'm so glad that you liked :D

(YAYZ that you will be on LJ more!)
27 Oct (UTC)
28 Oct (UTC)
YAYZ!!! Thank you very much! It means A LOT to me
(Deleted comment)
28 Oct (UTC)
*blush* Thank you so much!
28 Oct (UTC)
This is really very fantastic and I'm very seriously actually considering installing it and using a mood theme for the first time, well ever.
28 Oct (UTC)
Awwwn, you're so sweet! Thank you so much
And I think you would have a great time using a mood theme! So I hope you do ;D
28 Oct (UTC)
I'm totally using this. -dances-
28 Oct (UTC)
Thank you hun! You're the best
28 Oct (UTC)
This is awesome! Now, I wish I could get it but mood themes and me have never been on friendly terms.
28 Oct (UTC)
Thank you so much! It means a lot me, seriously.
Ohh :( You should try it! I can help, I can really help you :D
28 Oct (UTC)
Ahhhh, Ive been waiting for you to finish this! Awesome. Also, thanks for the kind words and everything, thinking about fitting scenes for this was totally my pleasure.

Oh, and thank god for your instructions, I wouldn't have known how to set this up :)
28 Oct (UTC)
Thank you so much dear! I'm so happy that you liked and will use it, it really means a lot to me You're amazing and I'm so glad that I met you *hugs*
28 Oct (UTC)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

! Wow, wow, wow! It's awesome. I love it! And I meant what I said that I hope it's not your last one because you should definitely make more, if the inspiration strikes. I'm having so much fun just looking at all the scenes you ended up picking. :D Beautiful!!! And I agree with lostyoursoul about how nice it was of you to write out all the instructions so thoroughly-- I am definitely going to need them, haha.

28 Oct (UTC)
Ohhhh stop it *blush* You're way too nice with me :3 Hahha, well maybe on season 2 if inspiration strikes again and if you help me, of course :P I'm just so happy that you liked, I was kinda afraid that the final result wouldn't please you know?!

Thank you again hun, I couldn't have made it without you and if you need any help installing the mood theme please just let me know!
28 Oct (UTC)
Oh thank you, you amazing, beautiful human being! xD I was going to try making one of these, but you've just saved me a lot of frustration.

28 Oct (UTC)
You're more than welcome Ashley! I had a lot of fun making it, but I'm not gonna lie it was VERY frustrating sometimes! I'm really happy that it's finally done and people seem to be enjoying it :D

And you know what? I think we should be friends on LJ too, what do you think? ;)
28 Oct (UTC)

Yay yay you did it.

Big big hugs

Enjoy Occupant Mwahh

28 Oct (UTC)
Oh I'll but only tomorrow :( It's late (02:23am) me needs to go sleep!
28 Oct (UTC)
Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ Changed both mood themes, mine and stiles_derek. *swoons*
29 Oct (UTC)
thank you so much baby!
28 Oct (UTC)
29 Oct (UTC)
28 Oct (UTC)
29 Oct (UTC)
*blush* thank you hun!
28 Oct (UTC)
That's awesome! I'm so taking and of course I'll credit when I use. ;)
29 Oct (UTC)
Thank you so much!
Enjoy ;D
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