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I don't count.
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31 Dec - [sticky post]
larry -> black and white
friends only

Icons/Screencaptures are public. Feel free to add me for updates, but if you want me to add you back please comment here. But just so you know, there's nothing really interesting going on here.

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10 Jan (UTC) - Hi
I would like to be friended by you! I love the moving pic you have on here do you know what scene it is?


13 Jan (UTC) - Re: Hi
I can totally friend you, do you have an livejournal?

It's from a behind the scenes video that I downloaded from iTunes, they're taking some promo pictures for season one.
17 Feb (UTC)
Hello! I would like to be friended by you!
17 Feb (UTC)
Hi :)
It will be a pleasure! Friended ;)
28 Feb (UTC)
*waves* I've recently started watching TEEN WOLF and I soo need more TW friends here on LJ! I think we have a few things in common, too, so I'd love to be friends :D
28 Feb (UTC)
Hi :)
We do have a few things in common!
I'm kinda obsessed with TW lately, hope that's not a problem?! ^_^
Welcome to my madness! ;)
(Deleted comment)
20 Jun (UTC) - Re: WHEE!
Hai there :D Sure thing! Adding your right now <3
28 May (UTC)
Hi! I was looking for Teen Wolf icons and found your journal, and I noticed that we have tons of fandoms in common. Like TW, CriMi, Revenge, Suits, etc. I'm still getting back into the LJ ~scene~ so this is probs awkward but yeah. Basically: HI I'M CAITLIN! Would you like to be friends???
20 Jun (UTC)
Hai Caitlin! We do have great fandoms in common :D I would LOVE to be friends ^_^
Adding you right now ;)
19 Jun (UTC)
Hey...um...I'm new to fandom. As in I just devoured all of the episodes up until tonight's last and today doing basically nothing else. And am completely obsessed and starving for communication about the madness and the hotness and the SLASH that I see everywhere. Friends?
20 Jun (UTC)
Hahaha that's awesome! FRIENDS I SAY ;D
05 Aug (UTC)
Hello, my name is Candy. I'm a huge fan of Teen Wolf, I just finished watching season 1 actually. I also ship and love Derek/Stiles and I'm a fan Vampire Diaries. Friends? :D
07 Aug (UTC)
Hi Candy :D Of course! Adding you right now ♥
24 Nov (UTC)
Hello, I'd like to be your friend, if you want c:
I love Teen Wolf (sterek is the way <3), I like your works and you seem to me a really nice person.
10 Jan (UTC)
Hi! Of course, I'm adding you right now. I'm sorry for taking so long to answer you, tumblr is eating my life xD But LJ is still my home, so I'm back :)
13 Jan (UTC)
hello! I love Tumblr ♥
Don't worry, I know what you mean and I'm trying too to be more present on LJ :))
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