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[fic] rps | van hansis/tyler hanes | nc-17 
15 Sep
larry -> black and white
title/rating: hard to resist  / nc-17
fandom, pairing; wordcount: rps, van hansis/tyler hanes; 1441
warnings: slash and soft porn?!
summary: van and tyler first time...
notes: I don't know them, none of this is real, just my imagination... I wrote this for my favorite blondy dani_blondy, she made me do it so blame her lol. Thank you Chris and dani_blondy for the beta read, you guys rock and I love you!

Hard to resist

Like any other party lately, this one was so boring that even a couple shots of tequila weren't enough to cheer me up. So much noise, so many empty people... College wasn't that much fun as I've been told. What I'm even doing here? Trying to fit in?! What's the point? I'm not like them...
I was about to leave when I saw him, he had the most blue eyes I ever saw and a beautiful smile.
"You need another drink." I told myself. So I went to the kitchen so I could get more. Though, I couldn't find any more tequila so I grabbed a beer.
When I turned he was right there, right in from of me and I almost dropped my beer over him.
"Hey, watch out!" He said moving himself from my way.
I was too embarrassed to say much so all I said was "Sorry".
"It's ok." he said.
I just nodded my head and left.


As I walked through the garden on my way home, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I almost screamed out, frightened.
"Hi, you're Van right?"
"Y...yeah." I said stuttering.
"I'm Tyler." He said raising his hand.
"Nice to meet you Tyler." I answered shaking his hand.
"I am wondering if we attend ‘Film’ together."
"Yes, I think so." I said hoping he didn't notice how socially awkward I was.
"Are you leaving already?" he asked sounding disappointed.
"Yeah, I have a early class tomorrow." I lied.
"Do you live in the dorms?"
"Uh no, I rent this little flat a couple blocks from here." I answered with my head down.
"Really?" He seemed surprised.
"I just really value my privacy."
"Lucky you!" he said with a smile.
"I think so." I agreed smiling too.
"Do you mind if I walk you home?" he suddenly asked.
"Sure, why not?" I answered way too fast.
As we walked I could feel the butterflies in my stomach, he has such a beautiful smile, and he is was damn hot!
"So, what are you studying?" I asked trying to make some conversation.
"A lot of things!" he said with a laugh.
"Okay!" I said ending my question.
"No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I just haven't decided yet if I'm going to follow my dreams and do what I want to or just manage to graduate in a "serious profession" to do my dad’s will. You know what I mean?" He said looking down.
"Yeah I do." I answered honestly.
"So, here we are." I said pointing to the small building in front of us.
He looked at the building and back to me with a nonspoken question in his eyes. So I followed the lead and finally asked: "Would you like to come in and have a coffee or something?"
"I think a coffee would be great." He said with an irresistible smile.


"Here it is." I said handing him a cup of coffee and sitting next to him in my little black sofa.
"It's really great!" he said after taking a quick sip of the coffee.
He put his cup in the corner table and then moved closer towards me.
"So Van, are you dating anyone?" He asked looking right into my eyes.
"No." I answered giving other gulp on my coffee.
He grabbed my cup and put next to his.
"Do you think it's ok if I kiss you?" He said with his mouth almost touching mine.

I didn't answered, I just kissed him. He had the most sweet lips I’ve ever tasted. I grabbed his waist and brought him close to me, his hand was on my neck and I could feel his body touching mine. Our kiss was getting more and more needy, I was so horny.

"Wait. I don't do this kind of thing." I said catching my breath.
"What thing?" he asked with his mouth just inches from mine.
"This, you know, with someone I barely know."
"I know, me neither." he said and started to kiss me again.
"I'm serious." I stopped kissing him.
"I know, and I really don't do this either, it's just that you're so beautiful and hot and I've been wishing to meet and kiss you for so long, that I don't want let this moment go away."
"Really?" I blushed.
"Yes, since our first class together, a month ago. I just didn't have the courage to talk to you until tonight. Can't we just make out and see what happens?"
I answered him in the best way I could, kissing him with urgency.

I held his hand and lead him to my room. I sat on my bed and invited him to join me with a wanting look. He stood there for a moment staring me and finally got close, he sat on my lap with his knees on the bed.

He stared into my eyes for a moment and kissed me again, his hands grabbing at my hair. I held his waist under his shirt and he seemed to like, while he had his skin touched by my cold and nervous hands. I couldn't believe that I was doing that but I took off his shirt and then he took mine, and we did that without even stop kissing. He bent a little bit, just enough to reach my jeans and slid his hand on my hard cock.

He stood himself by my side and took off his pants, always staring me with his incredible sexy eyes. When I finally managed to take off my jeans he sat on my lap again. I could feel his skin touching mine, his hard cock touching mine and making it even more hard if that was even possible.

"God, you're so hot!" he said breathless.
I smiled. "Right back at you."
He pushed me against the bed making me lie down, kissed my chin and my neck, leading his way down to my chest. I was shivering with desire. He kissed my dick over my underwear making me gasp. When he finally decided to get rid of my underwear and put my cock inside his mouth I couldn't avoid a loud groaning. He licked the top of my dick with his tongue, switching between licking and sucking, making me go crazy.
I pulled him back to my lips and grabbed his very hard cock making sweet movements with my hands. I took off his boxer and started to suck his delicious dick. He moaned with pleasure.
Somehow he managed to turn me and started to kiss my back with his wet tongue, his hands sliding through my body, I wanted to scream "fuck me already please!" but the feeling was so good that I decided to let him tease me as much as he wanted. He opened my ass and sucked in a way that almost made me scream. When he started to toungefuck me I instant yelp out "Oh Fuck".

After almost making me go insane, he kissed up my back to my ear and whispered "Do you have some lube?"
"Horny as I'm right now I don't think that's something I'll need." I answered almost begging him to fuck me.
"Are you sure?" He asked sticking his finger into my ass.
"Yeah!" I groaned.
"There's a condom in the drawer." I said pointing to the nightstand.

He played with his finger inside me for a while before pulling at my waist, with me sitting on his dick.
He was inside me, fucking me hard, reaching my right spot. He grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off, everything was perfect, our movements were in sync. His lips was touching my neck, his hands never leaving my cock. He buried himself deeper and harder inside me. I was getting close, I could feel the excitement in every cell of my body, my heart racing, our groans increasing more and more until I finally cum on his hands. I relaxed my body seconds before he came inside me. He stood still inside me, gasping on my neck.

After a few moments we laid down on the bed side by side.
"That was amazing, you know?" He said.
"And completely..." I was looking for the right word.
"Impulsive?" he completed my sentence.
"Yeah, impulsive." I agreed.
"Well, you can always blame on the drink."
"I don't think I want to." I said looking at him.
"So that means you're going to call me?" he smiled.
"Yeah, that's exactly what it means" I answered staring at his beautiful mouth.
"You better!" he said and kissed me.
15 Sep (UTC)
Yayz you posted it.

Is so proud of you :)

Bad Bad Dani for asking you to write a Fic Lol

15 Sep (UTC)
Thank you sweetie!
Yeah, bad bad Dani hahahah
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